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Our Mascot Hens


A very shy hen who prefers to sleep on the top of the coop at night no matter the weather! Named after the guest house owner's grandmother. Isabel is the Boss of the Flock! And our resident blue egg layer!

Blue Araucana


Nora is fearless, often escaping the confines of the run to explore the garden. Enjoys the occasional pet and sometimes lets us catch and return her to her run. (We have given up)

Black Rock Hen


Marilyn is our diva, She is a fantastic layer and is always seen with Martha.

Light Sussex Hen


Martha is not the cuddliest of hens. She is her own lady and is very independent. We are so honoured she puts up with us.

Update: It has been a few years, She still does not enjoy cuddles!

Bluebelle Hen

Henny Penny

Friendly and loves to follow you around the garden, always getting into mischief (and paint!). Henny Penny is one of our best hens and is always happy to get a pat. (Wears a hot pink leg ring)

Hyline Hen

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