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Montrose and a little about us!

We are located on the outskirts of Montrose, On Rossie Island road. Montrose is a small coastal resort town in the county of Angus, located between Dundee and Aberdeen, also known as the birthplace of Scotland! This little town is full of history, good food, breath-taking scenery and friendly people!



You will find our cozy guest house on the road into Montrose via the A92 near the bridge on Rossie Island. From the guest house, you are easily able to walk into the main high street, visit local restaurants and explore the Montrose Basin which is the largest inland saltwater basin in the UK and a vital habitat to the elegant mute swan as well as a plethora of other wildlife!

Montrose has a lot of history, which can be witnessed in the local museum, air station, and other historical sites. Montrose museum is located near the Montrose Academy, just a short walk from the high street, and is well worth a visit during your stay. If being in the air is more your style, visiting the Air Station Heritage Centre is a must, showcasing different military aircraft used throughout the years.

Montrose is also known for its 450-year-old golf course, offering you the choice of two 18-hole courses, the Medal and the Broomfield links. The course was established in 1562 and is recorded as the fifth oldest golf links in the world!

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